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Physiological Therapeutics at
Revolution Chiropractic

When you have your health, the world is truly your oyster. You can participate in all the things you love in life with the people you care about. Whether you want to run that marathon, play with your grandkids, garden or golf, we can help you feel great!

To enhance your health, we combine chiropractic with physiological therapeutics. Chiropractic focuses on making adjustments to the body, restoring normal function and movement of a joint in the spine to release nerve interference.

It’s our goal at Revolution Chiropractic to give your body the complete healing it needs.

Through specific adjustments, chiropractic releases nerve interference. In turn, your normal movement and function are restored. When you add in physiological therapeutics, your blood circulation is boosted and inflammation is removed.

The types of physiological therapeutics that we offer will help retrain your muscles, supporting the changes we’re making through chiropractic. These modalities include the following:

Electric muscle stimulation

This type of therapy uses electrical impulses to mimic the action of signals coming from neurons. These mild currents target muscles or nerves. By causing repeated muscle contractions, blood flow improves, helping to repair injured muscles.


This modality is a form of decompression therapy that relieves pressure on the spine. Traction uses forces that are directly opposed to each other to create a separation of two body parts or stretching of soft tissues. In spinal care, traction is commonly used to treat cervical and lumbar pain.

Vibration plate

This therapy uses a machine to stimulate muscles that are being worked by transmitting high-speed vibrations through the muscles and entire body. Intended to stimulate your muscles at a much faster rate than normal, vibration plate therapy is considered to be a remarkably efficient way to strengthen and tone muscles.

When appropriate, we’ll discuss rehabilitation with you. The purpose of our program is to stabilize your body’s structure, restore your range of motion and make sure your health has a solid foundation.

The many types of rehabilitation we use include

  • ProSoft handheld instrument
  • Passive and active stretching and strengthening
  • TheraBands®
  • At-home exercises

When you receive your first evaluation, we’ll know whether a specific rehabilitation protocol is right for you. We will introduce your plan of care after your health has stabilized. If you are a candidate for a type of physiological therapeutics, it will be given to you alongside your chiropractic adjustment.

Take That First Step Today

We’re pleased to share that physiological therapeutics in Jonesboro are covered under your insurance. We accept nearly all plans.

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