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About Us

Power Chiropractic Clinic, which opened in December 2019, is now Revolution Chiropractic! Dr. Jason Inman is passionate about providing full-service corrective chiropractic care to our patients.

Getting to the Root Cause

While conventional medicine takes an outside-in approach through medications and surgery to address health challenges, chiropractic gets to the root. We use the chiropractic adjustment to address the underlying issue so you can experience relief and optimal health.

Creating a Customized Corrective Plan

After determining what’s going on with your health, we will craft a personalized care plan to get you out of pain and then on the path to better health. We use one or more of the following:

Enhancing Your God-Given Ability to Heal

It’s our belief that everyone has the God-given ability to heal from the inside out. We look to that and honor it in all aspects of our decision-making. Our role is one of support, giving you an honest, ethical evaluation.

When it comes to your health, your starting point is different from anyone else’s. You may seek our help for a new injury, or perhaps you’ve had years of aches and pains. We’ll discuss where you are in your health journey and where you would like to go. Know that we will address any issue you have that holds you back from being healthy.

Our Favorite Success Stories

Though we love helping patients of all ages get the relief and care they need to enjoy optimal health, we particularly like helping adults in their mid to late twenties.

For example, we’ve had many young women come in complaining of migraines, neck pain and shoulder pain. The pain wears on them so much that they feel they can’t take care of their kids or have difficulty concentrating at work or school. After a week to a week and a half of getting chiropractic care, they feel like a new person!

Get Started Today

Take that first step toward getting the relief and care you need. Contact our chiropractic care center today to book an appointment!

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